“I learned more in two days with Dan and Danny than I have at any other conference”.

ROBBY HEIL  |  Bargain Barn Tire Pros


“Working with Dan Molloy and Danny Smith has been a moving and enlightening experience. I’m transforming my business into a commitment based operation. The results have been outstanding and nearly immediate”.

RANDY CHERNISS  |  Cherniss Tire World


“I was visibly moved and inspired beyond belief as a result of my two days with Dan Molloy and Danny Smith. I have created a new vision for the future, for myself, my family and my company. I have rediscovered my WHY”.

RUSTIN STANDRIDGE  |  McKinney Tire Pros


"The most effective sales training we’ve ever done. Our sales numbers don’t lie."

DANNY SMITH  |  Same Day Automotive - Tulsa OK

"Record Sales two years in a row. 27% Tire Unit Improvement in 2018. Record Sales Results! Taking over the OKC market."

PAT SMITH  |  Pat's Tire Pros

Pat was a great leader, friend and client. He passed away on August 27. Before he left us, Pat followed our approach with care and created a huge breakthrough in his business. He will be missed. His accomplishments live on. - Dan Molloy